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It seems every generation witnesses it, screaming fans jumping up and down in a frenzy at the mere sight of their favorite singer, grabbing at them and offering them love notes or other objects of affection, some even fainting after being overcome with the overwhelming joy of the moment. Each decade or so there’s that one individual that rises above the rest in popularity to become the very definition of the word “idol.” What makes teens do this? Read More

I’m on the road again, getting ready to take the stage in Orlando, Florida for a performance of Sinatra Forever, my Las Vegas show that’s been receiving rave reviews all year as we continue to celebrate 100 years of Sinatra. Right after this show, I have to reluctantly leave “The City Beautiful” and head to another historic entertainment gem, “Music City.” Read More

There are many reasons for burying a memento with someone after they pass: they may have requested it; it could be something innately connected with them; it could even be for superstitious or religious reasons. Each reason is unique and personal. Here are a few Rat Packers and the items that went to the great beyond with them. Read More

When you’re talking about someone, “idol” is a strong word to use. Saying, “I liked him,” “I looked up to him,” or even, “he was my favorite,” is a great compliment, but when a person says, Frank Sinatra “was my idol,” that’s significant. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some pretty famous individuals who have said just that. Read More

Movie soundtracks seem almost as important as the movies themselves in some cases and there’s no denying how critical the selected music is both to set mood and as a revenue stream. The relevance of Frank Sinatra’s music is evident as he continues to set the scene in big box-office blockbusters today. Read More

Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday year celebrations are continuing in full swing, as are my performances to honor The Chairman of the Board, and September 17th and 18th are very special dates because it will be the return of my Las Vegas show, Sinatra Forever, to the very place of its birth – Costa Rica. Read More

It was fifty years ago this past June that one of the best concerts in history took place and it was in St. Louis, Missouri. The event featured the Rat Pack at its most powerful, but it wasn’t just their presence that made the show so special, but everything that surrounded that 1965 summer’s eve, which happened to be Father’s Day and Tina Sinatra’s birthday too. Read More

I was on Facebook playing Song Pop – you need to be careful with these online games, they can become addictive and lead to a real reduction in productivity, but since it’s music related, I can call it research – and I saw the “free” playlist for the week featured the heavy metal band Disturbed, but it was the logo beside the band name that caught my attention, it said “Sponsored by Reprise Records,” and that immediately made me smile as I realized the often-unlikely connection between so many artists today and Frank Sinatra. Read More

It was 71 years ago today that Dean Martin got “Songs by Dean Martin,” a 15 minute, New York based radio show on which Martin would sing four or five tunes. This was about a month before he even met Jerry Lewis and he had, thankfully, left the boxing ring behind to pursue a singing career – he didn’t do half bad. If fact, he had around 40 Billboard Hot 100 singles, with three of them reaching number one. Read More

Anyone tired of the election talk yet? With the election jostling already approaching full swing, it seems appropriate to talk about Frank Sinatra’s political ties, of which there are many because with the type of popular power Ol’ Blue Eyes wielded, it was definitely beneficial for a presidential candidate to get him on their side. Read More