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We’ve heard the stories of Frank Sinatra’s depression and, let’s face it, with the emotional wallop surrounding the holiday season, we can all sometimes feel a little down, but did you know Ol’ Blue Eyes was responsible for making one of the most popular Christmas songs in history happier than it was originally intended? Read More

I am in the enviable position of being able to make a living doing something I love – performing – and a side effect of entertaining is the feedback from the audience. A good artist stays true to themselves no matter the reviews, but you don’t make it far in this business without taking feedback seriously. I love all my acts, so it’s natural that I want everyone in the crowd to love them too. After listening to what the audience had to say about my last few shows of Sinatra Forever, I’m happy to say I think I’m on the right track. Read More

I loved seeing the GRAMMY tribute to Frank Sinatra on CBS, shot right here in beautiful Las Vegas old-school style, just like Sinatra and his Rat Pack palls did so often with hosts and top-name performers on stage with virtually nothing but their voice and a Sinatra song and, judging by how Twitter lit up during the show, it was a huge success. As I prepare for two huge shows of my own, I thought I’d give my take on the night. Read More

Frank Sinatra would turn 100 December 12th and the world has already been celebrating the occasion with a yearlong party. The Voice became such a huge influence on music not too long after his birth and it’s difficult to imagine a time when his name wasn’t synonymous with song. So, what were people listening to one century ago when Ol’ Blue Eyes was using those powerful lungs to take his first breaths? Read More

Unless you live under a rock, you know Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday is almost here, but how about a look at what it meant when Ol’ Blue Eyes turned 50. I rushed into my fiftieth year on this planet at 124 miles per hour, but it seemed that Frank lived his entire life at that speed, daring everyone else to try and keep up. Few have succeeded. Read More

“Bro, with a Kiwi-packed room, the show’s gonna be mint!” I’m in New Zealand trying to learn the language in preparation for Sinatra Forever at The Civic in Auckland Friday, November 20th. By the way, it’s already Friday here! There’s a cool rain falling, the perfect setting to be warmed by the Songbook “The Voice” made his own, especially playing in a venue as welcoming as The Civic. Read More

I’ve gone through so many of the facets of Frank Sinatra – singer extraordinaire, multiple Academy Award winning actor, dancer, activist, political supporter, Scooby-Doo namer, plus so much more – it never ceases to amaze me that the “firsts” just keep coming. Did you know Ol’ Blue Eyes was the first American actor to be in a karate fight in a movie? Read More

Everyone has idols. It has been normal for teens to develop a strong connection to a certain artist, such as Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Elvis, or the original pop idol, Frank Sinatra and often that idolization will remain into adulthood, but there are some warning signs that can indicate you may just have gone a little too far. Read More

If you’re going to write a book about someone the world knows as intimately as Frank Sinatra, you need to be good at bringing all the stories to life, even the ones we’ve heard before, and James Kaplan excels in this regard with his newest tome, “Sinatra: The Chairman.” Read More

Like so many, I’m always celebrating Frank Sinatra, but this year the whole world is honoring Ol’ Blue Eyes as the 100th birthday celebrations continue. In fact, as Frank’s actual birth date approaches, the festivities are becoming even more frequent and grander. First, I’ll share a few recent announcements sure to blow your socks off, and then I’ll tell you where I’ll be on that big day. Read More