Hello Everyone, my name is Rick Michel and I have been a Professional Entertainer for over 40 years.

Starting as a "Stand Up Comic" back in the late 1970's, performing in Broadway Plays, Starring in Production Shows in many Casinos all over the United States and Canada, Headling in Las Vegas since 1981, Singing with Big Band Orchestras and Symphonies all over the world and now sharing my experiences that I know will benefit all of you.

What I am about to teach you, you cannot be taught in a text book and cannot be learned on a computer. The way to know these things you are about to hear is by professional experience and time on the boards.

Rick Michel teaching an audience member.


The purpose of this class is to face your fears by improving your individual skills. Whether you are a Singer, CEO of a Corporation, Student or just someone that wants to better themselves in front of an audience.

Standing in front of an audience is one of the top phobias most people have in common and my commitment to you is help and support all of those fears you might have.

Now some of you may say that you don't have any fears.

Well, I'm here to demonstrate your wrong, we all have fears...even me.

One of my biggest fears is forgetting the words to songs while I am on stage performing.

I will show you how to handle all kinds of situations through the experiences I have had in many different venues in the past 40 years.

Live on Stage "Don't Die...Kill!" Book

Live On Stage - Don't Die...Kill!

This book was written as a guide for the “live” entertainer. The tools within these pages are provided to help improve, develop and market your talent as a public artist. While many “How To” books exist, it is the authors’ goal to share their personal experiences and skills to perfect the individual act.

In show business, you must have the same hunger and burn you did when you started. If you don’t, there are a lot of people who still do, and are waiting in line with you to get through that same door.

Keeping yourself marketable, as a commodity is the key to success and longevity in this business. Hopefully, your talent will sustain the test of time and you will continually reinvent yourself.

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Appearance Testimonials

Face to face, a dialogue with young artists Santiago, 18 of May of 2017

On Monday, May 15, students from the popular singing area of our institute Modern School of Music and Dance, enjoyed a talk made by the actor and singer Rick Michel, who, passing through our country, paid tribute to the outstanding singer Frank Sinatra.

Rick Michel showed himself as a generous artist, with great warmth, friendliness and talent. He took us on a sound journey and in images through his career and experiences in the different stages where he has made his art.

Without doubt, it is a wonderful moment of learning for our students who not only enjoyed the quality of this artist, but also reinforced concepts as important as the technique, professionalism, discipline and persistence in the artist.

His talk has been a wonderful instance of learning and certainly is an activity highly recommended for those who see in the area of the performing arts, its future.

escuela-moderna-musica-danza.jpgGloria Perez V.
Coordinator Popular Song
Institute Modern School of Music