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"Frank . . . A Musical Journey" is a musical journey reflecting upon key points in the singer's life, and the songs that defined those times for him. Read More

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A versatile entertainer with a genuine passion for the Great American Songbook, Rick Michel has been performing professionally in a variety of different mediums since the late 1970s. Read More

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It's full of wonderfully crafted storytelling, for one thing. When the likes of Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer combined creative forces in composing "One For My Baby," they produced one of the best "saloon songs" of all time. Read More


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When you’re a big celebrity, everyone wants a piece of you.  We all know those images of frenzied crowds screaming as Elvis or the Beetles or Michael Jackson or, of course, Frank Sinatra tried to get past, hands reaching out to grab anything they can as a memento of the experience.  Autographs are a physical way to prove you met someone, however briefly, an intimate reminder of the moment that can be kept forever.  If the star is big enough, they even have value.  Prices for Rat Pack autographs may surprise you. (...)
Looking back at Ol’ Blue Eyes’ career, new Sinatra fans may have a difficult time believing that there were some terrible lows that went along with all the extraordinary highs that we now recall when his name is mentioned.  April, which has always been a favorite month of mine, showers bring May flowers, but in Frank’s case, he would experience both incredible highs and numbing lows during this month. (...)
My meeting with Jay Leno a few nights ago reminded me of a common thread we hold with Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, a love of vintage automobiles.  Jay’s infatuation with classic cars is known across the globe, Sinatra had more than a few pretty awesome vehicles he liked to drive, and I’ve been known to attend a few car shows, post classics to my Instagram account, and show off my VW Bug convertible too.  Here are a few marvelous machines Frank and Jay shared a love for. (...)
Many have written about Frank Sinatra’s love songs, myself included of course, debating which was the most romantic.  So many are great for setting the mood on a date or with that special someone on Valentine’s Day, but you’re talking about a whole other beast when you ask, “What is the sexiest Sinatra song?”  One highly possible answer may surprise you. (...)
I put Frank Sinatra’s name in Google the other day and something interesting happened; besides the usual suggested searches, such as “What happened to Frank Sinatra,” and “What kind of music is Frank Sinatra,” this powerful search engine suggested, “What is Sinatra used for?” That both intrigued and confused me. What do you mean, “used for?” Ol’ Blue Eyes wasn’t a hammer or a blender, you didn’t “use” him. So, I clicked on the suggestion and found out something rather interesting: Sinatra is a new type of software. (...)
In 1987 Frank Sinatra performed his last major acting role; if you know what that role was, you must be a true die-hard fan because it definitely wouldn’t be a likely first, or second, guess.  His last major film role was in the 1980 movie, The First Deadly Sin, but in ’87 he guest starred in a two-hour special episode of Magnum, P.I. and if you think there’s a story surrounding this appearance, you’re correct.   (...)