Frank: A Musical Journey


Last week CBS broadcast a special one hour I Love Lucy Superstar Special and it lived up to its name. Lucille Désirée Ball was a trailblazer, much as Frank Sinatra was. She was hugely talented and was the first woman to run a major television studio, Desilu Productions. Her confidence came across in everything she did and it’s fitting that she’s best known by most for her television program that bears the name that described exactly how America felt about her, I Love Lucy. (...)
Frank Sinatra had a very real connection to Brazil. Of course, he connected everywhere, but when you single out that sultry-hot, glistening South American country that’s alive with music everywhere, you notice Ol’ Blue Eyes seemed to think that place was pretty special. Now, in the middle of my own Brazilian tour, I can attest to just how amazing Brazil is to perform in. (...)
I wrote about songs that reference Frank Sinatra before, there are many, but I was recently listening to a couple of other very interesting mentions of Ol’ Blue Eyes by two very different, but significant song writers, Lou Reed and Suzanne Vega. The two songs have decades between them, but both, just like both of the artists, are very relevant today. Let’s have a look at “New Age” by The Velvet Underground and “Frank & Ava” by Suzanne Vega. (...)