Frank: A Musical Journey


When you’re a big celebrity, everyone wants a piece of you.  We all know those images of frenzied crowds screaming as Elvis or the Beetles or Michael Jackson or, of course, Frank Sinatra tried to get past, hands reaching out to grab anything they can as a memento of the experience.  Autographs are a physical way to prove you met someone, however briefly, an intimate reminder of the moment that can be kept forever.  If the star is big enough, they even have value.  Prices for Rat Pack autographs may surprise you. (...)
Looking back at Ol’ Blue Eyes’ career, new Sinatra fans may have a difficult time believing that there were some terrible lows that went along with all the extraordinary highs that we now recall when his name is mentioned.  April, which has always been a favorite month of mine, showers bring May flowers, but in Frank’s case, he would experience both incredible highs and numbing lows during this month. (...)