Frank: A Musical Journey


The song’s gotta come from the heart.  That’s the advice Jimmy Durante gave Frank Sinatra in the 1947 movie, It Happened in Brooklyn.  Of course, even though Frank was still pretty young, he had clearly figured out the need to connect with the music and lyrics of a song, but it never hurts to be reminded about an important truth.  Ol’ Blue Eyes and The Schnoz aren’t necessarily two names that you saw beside each other often, but they genuinely seemed to enjoy it when they did perform together. (...)
When we’re moved by someone special, we want a way to be remember that feeling and be a part of who was responsible; that seems to be the reason why we want something connected to the stars we love, a piece of memorabilia to give the impression they’re intimately present in our lives.  I like to obtain photos with the celebrities I meet; a glance at a past connection instantly allows me to travel back to that time and place.  There are lots of Frank Sinatra collectables available to his many fans out there, but they aren’t usually cheap.  Here’s a glimpse at some of them.   (...)
A third date is an important milestone in any relationship, just check the Internet if you don’t believe me, so I was very happy to find out about my third engagement for Sinatra Forever at the Pavilion at Wolf Lake in as many years. I guess this means we’re going steady, as the kids would say (about 50 years ago, if memory serves). And one of the keys to a long-lasting relationship is keeping it fresh, which is why I’ve slotted thirteen new songs into the setlist for June 17, 2017 in Hammond, Indiana. (...)
President John Kennedy has been in the spotlight recently because the 100th anniversary of his birth happened May 29th.  PBS just aired JFK: The Lost Inaugural Gala, highlighting all the stars that came out to usher in our new president and a new era - all under the leadership of Frank Sinatra, who worked tirelessly to support a leader he believed in.  Frank’s influence undoubtedly helped Kennedy’s presidential victory. (...)
I happened to see some of the Incredible Dog Challenge on CBS Saturday - those dogs are amazing to watch - and one pooch in particular caught my attention for reasons that will be obvious as I write about him. The competition, taken very seriously by owners and pups alike, is great not only because it gives us a chance to see some canine athletes in action, but because it raises funds for Tony La Russo’s Animal Rescue Fund, an entity he created to help homeless cats and dogs. (...)