Frank: A Musical Journey


Sinatra Forever – Best Frank Sinatra Impersonator

Rick Michel’s Sinatra Forever Las Vegas show delivers the most bang for your buck of any available on the strip and this article is going to tell you why.

 He is the best Frank Sinatra impersonator available. I should correct myself here: he doesn’t only impersonate Frank Sinatra when he performs, but delivers an interpretation and while that may merely sound like semantics, it is a huge distinction because an artist doing an interpretation is able to be authentic as they perform, conveying their version of the artist in question, while the impersonator is simply trying to imitate said artist. Michel sounds like Sinatra and he doesn’t hold anything back, it’s natural – compare that with someone who has styled themselves to physically appear to be The Voice, then attempts to sound like him and you will know exactly what I mean.

 Michel knows what this means; he is a master impressionist. The list of personalities he can do is staggering and he is often able to incorporate this ability into his shows to further enchant the audience. This is another aspect of his shows that leaves him standing in a class of his own, this ability to truly entertain the crowd. He doesn’t just meander on stage and sing a few songs, he engages the audience, which is something that only comes with experience and an honest desire to leave the spectators with wonderful memories.

 And Michel puts his all into the creation of his Las Vegas shows. “I have tried to touch upon all aspects of Mr. Sinatra's life by choosing the variety of music that best represents his career,” is what he said regarding his selection of songs for Sinatra Forever.

 Take a moment and watch this. Pay attention to the sincerity in his voice and close your eyes, you will think it’s Sinatra himself. Note the genuine spontaneous enthusiasm of the audience too. That’s the sort of stuff that makes someone the best Frank Sinatra impersonator, impressionist and interpreter!

 Well after I formed my opinion of Michel as the best, I was able to find out that Variety stated, “Rick Michel is the closest around to Frank Sinatra we’ve ever heard on the Las Vegas strip.” Additionally, some of the testimonials Michel posted on his website are impressive, notably those from Lance Burton and Robin Leach.

 As stated in the opening, Rick Michel’s Las Vegas shows deliver even more than you could hope for in a difficult genre of entertainment – and, what’s more, he travels the country putting on performances, so look for him on your next Vegas vacation or watch for him in your town. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing his biggest and newest production, Frank … A Musical Journey.