Sinatra Forever: A Salute to Frank Sinatra

Sinatra Forever: A Salute to Frank Sinatra is a concert that pays homage to the greatest singer of all time. This is not an impersonation show but an interpretation performed by Rick Michel.

Rick Michel is one of Las Vegas’ premier singers, a man of whom the show business bible Variety said:

“He is the closest thing to Frank Sinatra we have ever heard.”

Since he was a teenager, Rick has been singing Sinatra's music and has performed with big bands since the early 1980's. "I think Frank Sinatra was the most articulate of all the pop and standard singers," said Michel. "He made songs his own by uniquely phrasing the words to wrap around the melody line like no one else before him or since."

The audiences recognize many of the song selections in the show. "I have tried to touch upon all aspects of Mr. Sinatra's life by choosing the variety of music that best represents his career" Michel explains. "There is so much material to choose from that I can continue adding new Sinatra songs to my show for years to come and never get to them all."

Rick Michel's latest project is to sing songs that Frank Sinatra might have sung or that would have been interesting to hear him sing, such as: Roger Miller's "King of the Road", Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" and "The Curtain Falls" by Bobby Darin, just to name a few.

"I am not trying to impersonate Frank Sinatra, just pay homage to the man's music, and share the stage with the original members of his band"

Sinatra Forever is a timeless concert and part of the American Songbook with all the original arrangements and musicians that backed up Frank Sinatra.


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You always put on an exceptional show and we’re looking forward to having you back in 2017!

Hi Rick,

The Hammond Port Authority would love to have you back with your Sinatra Forever show on Saturday, June 17, 2017.

As always, our patrons were raving about your Sinatra Forever show. Upping the band to a 24-piece orchestra from the 12-piece in 2015 proved to add an entirely different dimension to the evening. As I walked around during the event I actually heard someone call a friend of their phone to tell them to drop what they were doing and come to the show. We’ve had numerous people contact us regarding next year’s event. You always put on an exceptional show and l we’re looking forward to having you back in 2017!


Jill Gajewski
Wolf Lake Coordinator
Hammond Port Authority
701 Casino Center Drive
Hammond, IN 46320