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"Frank . . . A Musical Journey" is a musical journey reflecting upon key points in the singer's life, and the songs that defined those times for him. Read More

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A versatile entertainer with a genuine passion for the Great American Songbook, Rick Michel has been performing professionally in a variety of different mediums since the late 1970s. Read More

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It's full of wonderfully crafted storytelling, for one thing. When the likes of Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer combined creative forces in composing "One For My Baby," they produced one of the best "saloon songs" of all time. Read More


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Talk about a venue rich in inspiration, history and tradition – Sun City Shadow Hills is my kind of place to entertain with a production of my Las Vegas show, Drinkin’ – Singin’ – Swingin’! (...)
While an Academy Award is a marvelous indicator of great acting, another way to measure the talent of a particular artist is by how good they make the people with which they work. Frank Sinatra was awarded three Academy Awards during his acting career, but a quick look at his female-partners-in-crime shows he was able to help them shine too. (...)
My celebration of “Ol’ Blue Eyes’” 100th birthday, Frank … A Musical Journey, has been complete and ready to go for some time and now it’s fun to see some of the others that are honoring this important occasion. (...)
Frank Sinatra was revered for his swinging lifestyle – parties, jet setting, booze and women – but amazing at it may sound, it seems he modeled his swingin’ ways on his very close friend, composer Jimmy Van Heusen. (...)
In 1966 Frank Sinatra won a Grammy Award for Best Vocal Performance, Male with “It Was a Very Good Year.” The song, on the album “September of My Years,” which earned “The Voice” the Grammy for Album of the Year, beating out the likes of Barbra Streisand, The Beatles, and The Sound of Music Soundtrack was released for his 50th birthday and would launch a musical upswing that would cement his status as a legend. (...)
I would say 100 years of anything is considered the biggest and most important milestone to humans. That likely has something to do with our lifespan. It is considered an enormous achievement to hit three digits in age, so that number has become a reason to celebrate anything’s existence – be it a country, a business, a building or an event. And since 2015 marks 100 years of Sinatra, get ready to see lots of Ol’ Blue Eyes this year! (...)