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"Frank . . . A Musical Journey" is a musical journey reflecting upon key points in the singer's life, and the songs that defined those times for him. Read More

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A versatile entertainer with a genuine passion for the Great American Songbook, Rick Michel has been performing professionally in a variety of different mediums since the late 1970s. Read More

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It's full of wonderfully crafted storytelling, for one thing. When the likes of Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer combined creative forces in composing "One For My Baby," they produced one of the best "saloon songs" of all time. Read More


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“Bro, with a Kiwi-packed room, the show’s gonna be mint!” I’m in New Zealand trying to learn the language in preparation for Sinatra Forever at The Civic in Auckland Friday, November 20th. By the way, it’s already Friday here! There’s a cool rain falling, the perfect setting to be warmed by the Songbook “The Voice” made his own, especially playing in a venue as welcoming as The Civic. (...)
I’ve gone through so many of the facets of Frank Sinatra – singer extraordinaire, multiple Academy Award winning actor, dancer, activist, political supporter, Scooby-Doo namer, plus so much more – it never ceases to amaze me that the “firsts” just keep coming. Did you know Ol’ Blue Eyes was the first American actor to be in a karate fight in a movie? (...)
Everyone has idols. It has been normal for teens to develop a strong connection to a certain artist, such as Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Elvis, or the original pop idol, Frank Sinatra and often that idolization will remain into adulthood, but there are some warning signs that can indicate you may just have gone a little too far. (...)
If you’re going to write a book about someone the world knows as intimately as Frank Sinatra, you need to be good at bringing all the stories to life, even the ones we’ve heard before, and James Kaplan excels in this regard with his newest tome, “Sinatra: The Chairman.” (...)
Like so many, I’m always celebrating Frank Sinatra, but this year the whole world is honoring Ol’ Blue Eyes as the 100th birthday celebrations continue. In fact, as Frank’s actual birth date approaches, the festivities are becoming even more frequent and grander. First, I’ll share a few recent announcements sure to blow your socks off, and then I’ll tell you where I’ll be on that big day. (...)
It seems every generation witnesses it, screaming fans jumping up and down in a frenzy at the mere sight of their favorite singer, grabbing at them and offering them love notes or other objects of affection, some even fainting after being overcome with the overwhelming joy of the moment. Each decade or so there’s that one individual that rises above the rest in popularity to become the very definition of the word “idol.” What makes teens do this? (...)