Frank: A Musical Journey


I like to sculpt.  It’s probably not going to be what I’m remembered for, but I still enjoy and appreciate the talent involved with creating something as lasting as a sculpture of another living person.  One of the most famous American sculptors was Jo Davidson who would spend some time with a subject, then form an intense, realistic bust of that individual.  Davidson was commissioned to sculpt many important subjects; Franklin Roosevelt, John D. Rockefeller, James Joyce, Helen Keller, Charlie Chaplin, and Albert Einstein are just a few of the names.  Another is Frank Sinatra. (...)
Did you ever want your favorite movie star to live with you?  Maybe a wax version is what you need!  Seriously, for those celebrities you admire, it would be wonderful to have a photo taken with them as a memento, but that’s not an easy task for most people.  Even if they’re still alive, the chances of getting them to pose with you seems to decrease in probability with how big a star they are.  And if they’re no longer with us, you have an even bigger problem.  Enter wax figures. (...)
Frank Sinatra has been an influence on a lot; I’ve written about the many musicians that refer to  him as an idol and how he, as the ultimate American pop icon, has affected society as a whole.  Realizing the many facets of the man, this isn’t surprising.  Ol’ Blue Eyes “showcased peace, love, grace, positivity, honor, and valor.”  That last line is actually a quotation from another artist who Sinatra has influenced: a young rising star in the music industry, the rapper, Logic.   (...)
This past Sunday was the 75th Golden Globe Awards. Sixty years ago it was 1958 and the Rat Pack was there in full style with wit and humor and rarely an empty glass. Frank Sinatra was nominated that year for Pal Joey as Best Male Lead in a comedy or musical and he was a winner, but I want to look at who else was in attendance and who won in a few of the other categories. (...)
Frank Sinatra's Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is on many top ten lists for Holiday songs. For Sinatra fans, his rendition is number one. Of course, he’s not the only singer to have recorded this Christmas staple and he wasn’t even the first. It’s a special song, full of meaning and emotion and The Voice’s version has a depth of smoothness to it that leaves you warm and toasty, with positive, merry feelings that enhance those already attributed to Christmas day. But maybe we should look at a few other recordings of this beautiful song (...)
2017 is about to go out with a bang with my Las Vegas show, Drinkin’ - Singin’ - Swingin’ playing a five-night run at the Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada from December 27th through the 31st.  We’re going to bring out the “laugh” in Laughlin along with a whole lot of swinging tunes. (...)
It’s early December and I have a busy show schedule for the month, which is the perfect time to break out a few Holiday numbers for the setlist to give the audience that warm glow that goes hand-in-hand with these long-time favorites.  It’s the crooners like Ol’ Blue Eyes, Dean Martin, and Bing Crosby that I think of when the subject of Christmas tunes come up.  What do you think the top selling Christmas albums have been over the years?   (...)
I’m heading to Albuquerque, New Mexico and I couldn’t be happier.  December 9th will see Sinatra Forever at the Route 66 Casino to sing some Sinatra staples and a few Christmas songs too.  Albuquerque is a pretty cool place, so I know the big band sound will be right at home.   (...)
With Halloween over, I have the arduous task of eating the remaining treats.  I know I shouldn’t, but who can resist little personally wrapped gifts of goodness sitting in a bowl or box?  Something I’ve noticed with most people is that they’ll buy the candy they like to give the kids at Halloween, so don’t tell me they’re not planning for leftovers!  Everyone has a favorite; do you know what candy Ol’ Blue Eyes liked? (...)