Frank: A Musical Journey


When you are The Voice, it stands to reason that other singers will want to partner up to create something magical. Through albums, concerts, television programs, and movies Frank Sinatra has sung more than his share of duets and, naturally, there were a few he really loved to work with. Here’s a look at three of his favorite singing partners. (...)
2016 continues to claim many of the legends we love with the death of Leonard Cohen just over a week ago. The Montreal-born Canadian singer/songwriter was smart, poetic, and seemingly tireless, but now all we can do is reflect on what he left us as he best known for the song “Hallelujah”.. There are even similarities with the biggest American entertainment legend of them all, Frank Sinatra. (...)
As I get ready for my performance of Sinatra Forever at the Peoples Bank Theater in Marietta, Ohio November 12th, the cooler temperatures with their murmurings of the approaching winter have started me thinking about the holidays that lead up to those shorter days and, of course, November 24th came immediately to mind. So, in that frame of mind, I thought it would be nice to put down my favorite three Frank Sinatra Thanksgiving songs. (...)
A new Frank Sinatra release is always exciting news, especially when it contains something we’ve never seen before, like the new footage of him singing Cole Porter’s “At Long Last Love,” but it’s ever more noteworthy because of the surroundings of the footage - a very special charity tour that demonstrates why we love Frank so much. (...)
The 50th Anniversary Show for Sammy’s Showroom, Harrah’s Reno is in its last days proving all good things must come to an end, as the saying goes, but there’s always another door ahead and my next door takes me north, way north into Western Canada, where I’ll be touring for five shows of Sinatra Forever in three different provinces - Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. (...)
Earlier this week our fifteen-year-old pup, Angel, was diagnosed with a mass on her spleen and if you’ve ever had a beloved pet of your own, I don’t need to tell you that made us nervous. She is going back for another sonogram to see if the mass has gotten at least 20% larger in order to determine whether we need to address taking out her spleen all together. Thankfully Angel is doing great and is back home enjoying her favorite toys, but it did get me thinking about the similarities apparent in my love of animals and the same fondness Frank Sinatra showed for all creatures great and small throughout his life. (...)
When Frank Sinatra was once on the Tonight Show, Johnny Carson joked asking him, “When you’re in a romantic mood and you’re trying to make out, whose records do you put on?” Of course Johnny was referring to how Ol’ Blue Eyes’ voice could make a lady swoon, but it begs the question, What music did Frank Sinatra listen to? (...)
Someone said, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” to me the other day - no, I’m not going to share the details! - and I realized that this phrase has become so ingrained to our American culture that it seems almost like some ancient proverb, some advice your dad may have passed onto you with “the talk” when you came of age. So, as often happens with me when my interest gets piqued, I started doing some research and what I found is surprising. (...)
Whenever I see a billboard highlighting the performers for that venue, I can’t help but think of old-time Las Vegas and Reno with Rat Pack stars’ names lit up in big, bold letters - Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr. - inviting you inside to see a show you know you’re going to enjoy. Picture the original Ocean’s Eleven stars, those icons standing confidently in front of the Sands Hotel’s sign, as straight and tall as the letters themselves. That’s Vegas and that’s the Rat Pack all summed up in one classic film. And guess what? Now they’re doing another remake, but with an all-female cast. (...)