Frank: A Musical Journey


Mmm, Candy!

With Halloween over, I have the arduous task of eating the remaining treats.  I know I shouldn’t, but who can resist little personally wrapped gifts of goodness sitting in a bowl or box?  Something I’ve noticed with most people is that they’ll buy the candy they like to give the kids at Halloween, so don’t tell me they’re not planning for leftovers!  Everyone has a favorite; do you know what candy Ol’ Blue Eyes liked?

First I’ll tell you a little about me.  Travelling as much as I do, I develop a taste for certain sugary snacks.  Whenever I’m in Canada, I can’t resist a Crispy Crunch chocolate bar.  They were available here in the US for a while back in the ‘90s, but the distributing company went bankrupt and I haven’t been able to find them locally since.

The bar’s creator, Harold Oswin, was working for the chocolate company in 1912 when he entered his crunchy peanut butter creation in a contest and won five bucks and, of course, a sweet sort of immortality.  Thanks Harold!

Frank Sinatra’s favorite candy bar was the Tootsie Roll.  This chocolaty, chewy sweetness was invented in 1907 by an Austrian immigrant named Leo Hirshfield.  Leo either left the company he was with or was fired and started his own candy company.  It went bankrupt though and Leo committed suicide in his Manhattan hotel room.  Candy is a tough business.

Frank loved Tootsie Rolls though.  When he had a concert, he even had the candy put in his list of dressing room requirements.  He was also buried with some.  Maybe next year I’ll find a box of Tootsie Rolls to distribute for Halloween.  Of course we know what happens if there’s any left!  What’s your favorite candy?