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Custom Business Hold Message

For the on hold business:
"Celebrities on Hold"
They'll never hang up before you Pick-up with a Variety Show in their Phone

Entertain your customers waiting on-hold with impressions of famous celebrities endorsing your products, service or your own personal message!

Celebrities On Hold provides your business with an effective new tool to improve customer relations:

  • Keep your customers on the phone with a smile
  • Furnish valuable information about your products or service
  • Develop your own creative commercials
  • Reduce negative feelings connected with being put on hold

Here's how it works

  1. You gather any information about your business that you would like your customers to learn while they are on hold.
  2. You select several celebrity voices to convey your message with fun and humor.
  3. You review a rough draft of your presentation that contains the information you have provided and the voices you have selected.
  4. We complete your presentation with appropriate themed music to accompany your material.
  5. Your final product will be completed within a maximum time frame of two weeks.
  6. Prices vary according to the length of your CELEBRITIES ON HOLD messages.
  7. Fill out the form below to receive a custom quote from Rick to record your message.
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