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Sinatra on Fear

When you have as much experience as I do – I’m hoping they just don’t mean I’m old – it’s natural to get asked for show business advice. And I really do love to be able to give out entertainment tips to hard-working and talented up-and-comers because I wish there was someone I had access to when I was starting out. That kind of information is invaluable.

 Often, the very best advice comes as a snippet more general than expected and easily chalked up as something generic and clichéd, but a quotation I came across from Frank Sinatra hit me hard because I recognized it as a gospel truth that is usually only realized by those who have lived a life worth living. How’s that for a preface?

 Here’s what Frank said: “Fear is the enemy of logic. There is no more debilitating, crushing, self-defeating, sickening thing in the world – to an individual or to a nation.”

 That blew me away. The Chairman of the Board really wasn’t mincing words when he said that, was he? It’s not surprising that this gem originated from a 1963 Playboy Magazine interview and Frank seemed to be at his edgiest.

 If there’s anyone who thinks The Voice lacked substance, this quotation alone will quell those thoughts. You can’t accomplish anything if you’re afraid to try. A nervous energy is not the same as being afraid, it’s vitally important to know the difference. That nervousness tells you you’re no longer in your comfort zone and the only way to expand yourself is to be willing to leave that zone.

 The great thing is that this applies everywhere in life – from starting a big, exciting, new venture, such as my Las Vegas production, Frank … A Musical Journey, or stepping onto an airplane. I can’t imagine where I would have ended up if I had been afraid to follow my dreams and I’m very glad I’m continuing to push forward. So, if you want my advice, listen to your heart and find a way to make those dreams happen – as long as you’re moving forward, you’ll get there.