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Rick writes and teaches stage performance in his book, Live on Stage

In addition to being a thrilling stage performer, Rick Michel is also an author and a teacher, with a sharp eye on improving upcoming stage talent. He has helped train new generations of aspiring performers, including musicians and singers who hope to gain further acclaim on stage.

Rick and co-author Sammy King have collected years of stage wisdom and best practices to write Live on Stage: Don't Die ... Kill! Combined, the duo has clocked in over 80 years in the performance industry. They have succeeded in showcasing their talents internationally and taking show business by storm. Rick Michel has starred in productions across Las Vegas, Costa Rica, and Canada, sharing his charisma and celebrity impressions on stage and in television shows. His "Sinatra Forever" shows are performed to sold-out venues, bringing the joy of Ol' Blue Eyes to hundreds of music lovers.

Training an individual to improve their stage presence, talent, and marketability requires time and patience. In the past, Rick has cultivated new performers by video recording them, then playing footage back with the sound muted. By examining body language, eye contact with the audience, and posture, Rick has been able to help novices hone their craft. It is with this patience that Rick approaches his tutoring in Live on Stage, writing about subjects like stage layouts, timing, and rehearsals with care.

Marketing oneself as a stage performer and entertainer is another facet of show business that Rick's guide explores. From merchandising, to promotional advice and publicity, Rick shares his tried-and-true techniques for building great industry relationships. With meticulous notes and real-life examples, Live on Stage is an excellent refresher for seasoned entertainers and stage beginners.

Read it for yourself! Live on Stage: Don't Die ... Kill! by Sammy King and Rick Michel is available directly at Rick's merchandising page in print and digital formats. For those seeking performance help right away, a digital copy can be downloaded immediately onto a computer. Copies are also available through Amazon.com.