Frank: A Musical Journey


Versatility – Your Key to Success

While reminiscing past gigs, I thought of where I was about a decade ago, finishing my success with David Cassidy’s Rat Pack tribute show that started at the Nevada Governor’s Ball and ended at the Sahara and I realized that on top of the hard work I put forth to perform at my finest, I made excellent use of my versatility as an entertainer to help that show be a hit.


At the Governor’s Ball, I was Frank Sinatra. Then, when we opened in Vegas, I understudied the same role while filling in as both Dean Martin and Joey Bishop. For the final two years, I embraced the part of Dino solely.


The ability to react positively to the events happening around you that are out of your control is key to success in any part of life. Flexibility in a situation is a vital survival tool, which, combined with being prepared for differing possibilities, is what allows the cream to rise to the top – it lets you stand out from the rest as you show how important your skills are.


In any area of your life in which you want to excel, work hard to develop your knowledge and talents and keep your eyes peeled for opportunities – even though it may be difficult to recognize these moments as being opportunities at first – to advance. It’s like a game of chess – you may have just lost your knight, but your skills with a bishop (not Joey!) may allow you to see that your opponent just exposed themselves in their efforts to obtain that one piece, letting you attack a more important piece, meaning that initial setback really wasn’t so.


In my own Las Vegas shows, I do impressions of many people. In Sinatra Forever and Frank… A Life in Song, I show my respect for Frank, while in Drinkin’ – Singin’ – Swingin’ and Frank and Dean: Together Again I become Dean. Foster your versatility and watch your accomplishments grow.