Frank: A Musical Journey


Frank Sinatra Gets Headlines

Talking with fans, I know Frank Sinatra is a legend, still current in today’s culture and it amazes me that some seem oblivious to this. What really excited me is that the references to The Voice are getting more and more frequent, especially as we near his 100th birthday in 2015, because it confirms all the blood, sweat and tears I’ve put – and continue to put – out for my Las Vegas show, Frank… A Musical Journey are worth it.

One of the biggest announcements was that Jimmy Fallon is taking over from Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. Of note is the background music in the NBC commercial – Frank singing New York, New York. In the world of late-night television, the news doesn’t get any bigger and Frank was a part of it. It’s worth noting that in 1977 Sinatra hosted The Tonight Show, filling in for Johnny Carson.

Speaking of Jay Leno, he just appeared in an episode of Comedians in Cars getting Coffee and, while riding as a passenger with Jerry Seinfeld in a 1949 Porche 356/2, told a story of when Frank Sinatra wanted to book him for a gig in Chicago. The story contains some edgy references – the world knew Frank had gangster friends; he wasn’t the sort that would egg houses for attention.

At the beginning of the month, and year, Las Vegas’ own MGM Grand Gallery featured an exceptional exhibit of rare photographs from world-renowned photographer, Jeff Mitchum, featuring the likes of Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, all iconic personalities.

 While getting ready for the start of a new season of the UK’s version of The Voice, judge Tom Jones, a name the people of Las Vegas will be a little familiar with, let loose some advice he received from Elvis Presley when, after releasing an album of Sinatra-like songs, the King told him, “We leave that to Frank Sinatra, we don't go there.”

 Also of note is a new Frank Sinatra compilation, released by Frank Sinatra Enterprises, called Sinatra, With Love. It really is a great selection of songs. And there’s even Ronan Farrow’s appearance on the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon, with Fallon addressing the possibility of Frank Sinatra being the biological father to Ronan.

 A daily Google of Frank’s name reveals plenty of new references, more than I can mention here, and that gets me charged up for Frank… A Musical Journey!