Frank: A Musical Journey


100 Years Sinatra

I would say 100 years of anything is considered the biggest and most important milestone to humans. That likely has something to do with our lifespan. It is considered an enormous achievement to hit three digits in age, so that number has become a reason to celebrate anything’s existence – be it a country, a business, a building or an event. And since 2015 marks 100 years of Sinatra, get ready to see lots of Ol’ Blue Eyes this year!

 Frank Sinatra is important to the history of American entertainment and American history in general and his importance spreads across the globe. I recently read an article pondering who from our modern era will be universally known in the year 4015 and the author posturized “The Voice” worthy of consideration. Think about that for a moment. That’s 2000 years from now; who is universally known to us from 2000 years ago? The list is pretty small and obviously impressive, so to even be mentioned in such a tally speaks volumes.

 A BBC television show – starring Joan Collins no less – has already filmed their search for the best performance of a Sinatra song and the winner “will win the chance to perform at a concert in London to celebrate the centenary of Sinatra's birth.” Jack Daniels has their Sinatra Select blend to commemorate 100 years. The world really has anticipated this centennial and is eager to acknowledge the importance of this anniversary. There’s even a free official app available exclusively to celebrate this 100th year occasion.

 And it’s only January.

 Recognizing the importance of this milestone and needing to honor the legend myself is the very reason for my newest Las Vegas show, Frank … A Musical Journey. The songs have been chosen, the notes and arrangements fine-tuned, and my voice is ready to express my appreciation to Sinatra in song. I hope you’ll join me.