Frank: A Musical Journey


I am jazzed for the upcoming League of American Orchestras 2014 conference in beautiful Seattle, Washington. Progressive, hip and cool, as was Frank Sinatra, The Emerald City will be alive with world-class music and I can’t wait to be a part of the action in one of America’s fastest growing urban centers. (...)
I came across a postcard of Frank Sinatra shaking the hand of Queen Elizabeth II of England and started to wonder who would be America’s royal family? Looking at our pocket change won’t help because it’s the icons who have led our country into greatness staring back, and Britain’s royal family, while are on their coins, have become more ambassadors than political leaders in my mind. (...)
Rick Michel’s Sinatra Forever Las Vegas show delivers the most bang for your buck of any available on the strip and this article is going to tell you why. (...)
The time has come to present my summation for the blog series on my brand new Las Vegas show, Frank … A Musical Journey. I hope you will be able to take away one thing from this series: writing about this sensational journey doesn’t do the show justice, so you’ll just have to see it for yourself! (...)