Frank: A Musical Journey


Frank Sinatra was revered for his swinging lifestyle – parties, jet setting, booze and women – but amazing at it may sound, it seems he modeled his swingin’ ways on his very close friend, composer Jimmy Van Heusen. (...)
In 1966 Frank Sinatra won a Grammy Award for Best Vocal Performance, Male with “It Was a Very Good Year.” The song, on the album “September of My Years,” which earned “The Voice” the Grammy for Album of the Year, beating out the likes of Barbra Streisand, The Beatles, and The Sound of Music Soundtrack was released for his 50th birthday and would launch a musical upswing that would cement his status as a legend. (...)
I would say 100 years of anything is considered the biggest and most important milestone to humans. That likely has something to do with our lifespan. It is considered an enormous achievement to hit three digits in age, so that number has become a reason to celebrate anything’s existence – be it a country, a business, a building or an event. And since 2015 marks 100 years of Sinatra, get ready to see lots of Ol’ Blue Eyes this year! (...)
Even today, more than sixteen years after his death, Frank Sinatra represents a lot of things to a lot of people, which is witnessed by the references to him in the media, songs, movies, television shows and essentially all aspects of popular culture. Of course, while “The Voice” made no claims to be a writer, his presence cannot be ignored in literature, both current and not. (...)