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Wish List for Meeting Celebrities
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After over thirty years of performing for stars like Bob Hope and Steve Allen, Rick Michel certainly has crossed off many of the things on his "To Do" list. But there are just a few more goals he hopes to accomplish throughout the rest of his career.

"I’d love to perform for Tony Bennett some day," Michel said in a recent interview. "He’s in the same genre as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. I’d love for him to hear me sing." Michel met Bennett several years back – the two ran into each other by accident. Ironic as it was, Michel was actually wearing a Frank Sinatra sweatshirt at the time. He insisted on taking a photo with the famous singer.  "I got to take a picture with you and Frank Sinatra," Michel joked that day. He hopes Bennett can one day be in his audience as well.

Who else does Michel want to sing for? How about Barbara Streisand, for one and Celine Dion as well.

What about comedy? Don Rickles is at the top of the list. Michel met Rickles when the latter was performing in Mississippi – Joan Rivers was also there. Rickles had asked what Michel did, and he explained about his various impressions (Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bob Hope, etc). Later that night, Michel went to Rickles’ show, but had to leave a few minutes early; a good friend Sonny Turner (lead singer for the Platters) was opening up at a lounge nearby. Michel found out later that Rickles had given the former a huge introduction onstage towards the end of the night. "I met a wonderful guy who does impressions!" Rickles had said. He had invited Michel up onstage but Michel wasn’t there!

"My wish list is pretty much fulfilled," Michel said. "I consider myself very lucky to be in this business we call show."