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Three Reasons Why You Should Develop Your Performance Skills

Three Reasons Why You Should Develop Your Performance Skills


Professional actor and stage performer Rick Michel has inspired audiences for over three decades with comedy, song, and celebrity impressions. Rick hopes to pass these years of entertainment wisdom onto new generations of readers with his book, "Live on Stage: Don't Die...Kill!" Whether you post viral videos online showcasing your talents or hope to build confidence for a school presentation, Rick's advice can help. His book details skills that can help in everyday life. You don't have to be a stage performer to take advantage of Rick's coaching.


1. Overcome a Fear of Public Speaking


Glossophobia is the technical term for a fear of public speaking. According to recent surveys, some people fear public speaking more than death. However, you don't need to be an extrovert to shine on stage. Rick's book covers important speaking factors, such as timing, posture, eye contact, and stage energy. This can help anyone transform their group conversations and presentation skills at school, work, talent shows, or family reunions.


2. Career Success


Most traditional workdays consist of many micro-interactions between two individuals. We also may be called upon to make client demonstrations or demonstrate services to another business. Create an engaging presentation by knowing how to read your audience and hold their interest. Stage performance skills can translate into confidence in the workplace. This can lead to a trustworthy demeanor, improving relationships between both colleagues and clients.


3. Effective Communication


Everyday interactions at the supermarket or at nightclubs can be uncomfortable, especially for those who have difficulty maintaining eye contact or feel self-conscious about their body language. Learning to control these factors can help steer any social interaction in your favor. Being able to read and recognize non-verbal cues in others can help you gauge someone's mood and decisions.


You can find Rick's book in digital and print formats by visiting his merchandise page. Watch your audiences light up when you apply Rick's advice to your professional, stage, and personal interactions!