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Sinatra’s Latest Comeback

Throughout his career, Frank Sinatra saw periods of decline and resurrection in popularity. Reasons for such temporary setbacks have included physical illness, change in audience demographics, announcement of his retirement, and death.


I hear you all exclaiming, “Death isn’t temporary, Rick.”


When dealing with Sinatra and talking about explanations behind a lack of stardom among current popular culture, death can be momentary.


There aren’t many celebrities who can overcome such a seemingly insurmountable setback, but evidence suggests that Frank Sinatra is once again in vogue.


An Emmy Award was one trophy that escaped Frank’s mantle, even though he was nominated four times and co-hosted the Emmys in 1968 with Dick Van Dyke. On the 2013 award show that just aired, dapper host Neil Patrick Harris and Dancing With the Stars’ Derek Hough began a show-stopping tribute to programs such as Mad Men, Game of Thrones and American Horror Story with a song that became one of Sinatra’s signature performances, Luck Be a Lady.


The September 23rd, 2013 episode of the much-hyped Sleepy Hollow television show – the series’ second show – featured Frank’s bewitching performance of Witchcraft. When a production company and a network put a lot of money behind a venture, they are going to choose everything very carefully, including the songs that make the show stick in the head of the viewers.


The direction king-of-cool pop-star Justin Timberlake has taken for his career has already been touched upon on this site, but there is no doubt knowledgeable fans are noting his choice of style and delivery seem to resemble our own Chairman of the Board.


Who better to embrace Frank’s star power than Jack Daniel’s? The famed whiskey makers have recently introduced an exclusive limited edition run of Tennessee whiskey called Sinatra Select.


When you rocket above celebrity to become an icon, death truly does become surmountable in the hearts of an audience, which means you will be seeing much more of Frank Sinatra and his legacy.


Have a sneak peek at Rick Michel’s ambitious project coming together as a tribute to Sinatra’s 100th birthday, Frank … A Life in Song.