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Sinatra Still a Hit with the Pooches

I happened to see some of the Incredible Dog Challenge on CBS Saturday - those dogs are amazing to watch - and one pooch in particular caught my attention for reasons that will be obvious as I write about him.  The competition, taken very seriously by owners and pups alike, is great not only because it gives us a chance to see some canine athletes in action, but because it raises funds for Tony La Russo’s Animal Rescue Fund, an entity he created to help homeless cats and dogs.

Our dogs have been a very important part of our lives, as I’ve written about before, and Frank Sinatra was widely known for his affinity for those furry beings.  He had many treasured pets and even has a doggie biscuit buried with him that his daughter Tina placed in his coffin “for Dad’s love of little critters.”

But back to the Incredible Dog Challenge and the blue-eyed border collie that caught my attention.  His blue eyes gave reason for his owner, Cyndy Douan, to give him the perfect name - Flank Sinatra.  Now you know what piqued my interest in this talented dog.  Cyndy has some videos of Flank online, showing off the skills that have made him a star.  Flank certainly has a new fan in me.

Homeless and neglected pets are a heartbreaking thing to witness, and we saw a number of dejected dogs in the streets when I was touring South America, so any efforts to provide some relief for these guys is important.

Speaking of dogs - or at least a cousin of sorts - I’m excited to be back with Sinatra Forever at Wolf Lake Pavilion June 17, 2017 with Chicago’s Symphonic 24-piece Orchestra.  If you’re anywhere nearby I hope you’ll be able to make a trip to this great venue.