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Rick Michel's Book Will Take Your Stage Career to the Next Level


Rick Michel has a passion for training others to reach success on stage. This seasoned performer has appealed to audiences across various forms of entertainment, including television shows like Baywatch and America's Funniest People, as well as standup comedy acts on stages across the world. Rick has rubbed shoulders with pop culture giants, co-starring on Bill Cosby's Christmas Show and The Rich Little Show.


With such diverse experience, Rick strives to help beginning and upcoming performers grab a mic and seize a career in entertainment. In his book, Live on Stage, Rick and co-author Sammy King detail trade secrets, performance tips, and best practices for gaining widespread publicity.


Rick walks readers through starting with the basics, covering mannerisms, stage presence, and one's gaze toward the audience. Understanding how to hold one's body and command attention is one of the most powerful abilities a performer can have. Students looking to hone their existing skills or explore entertainment as a potential career can use Live on Stage as a comprehensive guide to take their gigs to the next level. Dancers, comedians, singers, musicians, and actors can benefit from this extensive guide on the entertainment industry.


Live performance requires that entertainers never miss a beat, that their body language and facial expressions convey exactly what they intend. This type of seamless action only comes through years of practice and preparation. Rick walks readers through understanding stage layouts, hitting crucial timing cues, and how to control one's movements for an effective live performance. 


Rick empathizes with those who follow their dreams, allowing their passions to drive their lives. Stage performance is not an easy career, but it can provide some of the most fulfilling experiences in one's life. Rick dedicates his book to "all who have found the courage to perform on stage in front of a live audience."


Now what are you waiting for? Get out there and kill it!


You can purchase a print or digital copy of Live on Stage here at Rick's merchandise page.