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Rat Pack Signatures
Sinatra Signature

When you’re a big celebrity, everyone wants a piece of you.  We all know those images of frenzied crowds screaming as Elvis or the Beetles or Michael Jackson or, of course, Frank Sinatra tried to get past, hands reaching out to grab anything they can as a memento of the experience.  Autographs are a physical way to prove you met someone, however briefly, an intimate reminder of the moment that can be kept forever.  If the star is big enough, they even have value.  Prices for Rat Pack autographs may surprise you.

It’s not likely a shock that a signature from Ol’ Blue Eyes tops the list.  Authentic signed items regularly top $1,000 as fans try to obtain something from a true legend.  There is even an auction coming up offering Sinatra’s hair and a Vicodin bottle, but that may be taking things a little too far!

A signed photograph of Sammy Davis, Jr. or Dean Martin seem to cost a similar amount of money.  Genuine autographs of either of these two superstars seem to run in the low to mid hundreds of dollars.  Many of Dean’s are often paired with Jerry Lewis, although I think I’d prefer one with Dino alone.

Of the remaining two main Rat Pack players, Peter Lawford seems to outperform Joey Bishop.  Perhaps that’s because Bishop lived longer and he didn’t have the connection to Kennedy that Lawford possessed.  Maybe it’s just that Joey tended to get ignored more than the others.

I enjoy having autographs as a reminder of a pleasant meeting with someone I like or an event at which I had a great time.  And I enjoy signing for fans of my own; I don’t understand anyone who isn’t happy to be asked for a signature.  Do you have any autographs you’ve saved?