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Official Rick Michel Merchandise

Official Rick Michel Merchandise


Imagine having a slice of Las Vegas in your living, with classic hits by The Rat Pack playing over your stereo. Get into the Swingin' Sixties mindset over dinner or at the office by putting a Rick Michel CD or DVD on. Fans of Rick's internationally-acclaimed Drinkin' Singin' Swingin' and Sinatra Forever concerts can experience the thrill all over again by checking out the merchandise section of the website. If you can't make it to his next show, you can still join in on the fun with these products.


Laff Productions brings you the Drinkin' - Singing' - Swingin' DVD and CD box set, featuring Las Vegas star performers like Bryan Clark, and Sebastian Anzaldo on stage with Rick Michel, as they pay homage to some of the greatest entertainers of all time. These men take the stage by storm, singing and cracking jokes, inspiring generations of Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and Dean Martin fans.


The Sinatra Forever DVD and CD box set focuses solely on the works of this musical legend. You will enjoy timeless favorites like "The Way You Look Tonight," "That’s Amore’," and "I’ve Gotta Be Me." Immerse yourself in the excitement of Rick's sell-out concerts by picking this box set up for yourself and your loved ones.


Do you know any aspiring performers? How about a friend or relative who dons costumes, sings, or plays instruments to entertain folks at family gatherings and parties? Get them a copy of Rick's book, “Live on Stage Don’t Die…Kill!”. This guide encourages readers to get out there and wow the audience! “Live on Stage Don’t Die…Kill!” helps budding entertainers connect with audiences, provides tips on showbiz marketing, and maps out show preparation processes. Don't miss out on these valuable tips. Pick up a print or digital copy of Rick's book now!


Additional Rick Michel CDs, accessories, and apparel can be found by visiting our merchandise page directly. Find the perfect gift for a Rat Pack fan here!