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Killing On Stage and in Life

“All the world’s a stage” has become a cliché, but as I’ve mentioned before, clichés exist because they are true. Reflecting upon the attributes I would require for my newest venture, Frank… A Life in Song to succeed, I thought it important to share the many parallels that are present in having a successful Las Vegas show and simply having a successful life.


When I’m live on stage, control is an essential component. The ability to lead and project outcomes – control – is a valuable commodity. It permits you to plan and implement with less variables and less stress than “winging it.” This holds true in all aspects of life, be it business or personal, so it is integral to exercise this muscle and harness its power.


Being in control can sometimes get out of your control, through absolutely no fault of your own. This is when being flexible reveals its importance. When performing there are many snafus that can occur – anything from mechanical failure to a disruptive audience member or dealing with a cold. Yet, the show must go on (you got it, another cliché!). Control of your surroundings can lessen the possibility of such happenings, but Murphy’s Law can take over and how you react and deal with the situation is what will determine the outcome. So you see, you really are maintaining control through your flexibility.


Being able to deliver a killer performance when you’re called upon really does aide you to being successful in all avenues of your life and these are some concepts I discuss in my book, Live on Stage: “Don’t Die…Kill,” and because I believe in the content, I deem it important that the tools presented in the text be available to everyone, so I have essentially cut the price in half. Visit the link and get your copy today. Send me a note when you’re making payment and I can even have it inscribed.