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Frank’s Career in Three Song Titles


Attempting to choose songs from Frank Sinatra’s play list to be used in a concert is a monumental task. Sinatra recorded over 1500 songs, a gargantuan sum, so trying to limit yourself to a couple hour’s worth is daunting, but today you’re going to learn about Frank’s career in only three song titles.


His hometown of Hoboken, New Jersey was where he began with employment as a delivery person, then a shipyard worker, but music was his passion and he scraped away with various gigs until he attracted the attention of bandleader, Tommy Dorsey, which brings us to the first song: From this Moment On. The Cole Porter song appeared on the album, A Swingin’ Affair, and with this taste of the big time, there was not going to be any looking back for Sinatra.


Frank’s appeal to the bobby soxers put him at the top of the popular music world and his unparalleled success continued until his mid 30s when age, a vocal cord haemorrhage, and the spiral of self-doubt and depression led to him being dropped by Columbia and MCA as a recording artist, which brings us to a song recorded with Dorsey, The Sky Fell Down.


You can’t keep a good man down, as the saying goes, and Sinatra excelled at many things, so it was his Academy Award winning performance in the 1953 film, From Here to Eternity that takes us to the song of the same name. His career was back; making this title prophetic, ensuring Sinatra will be with us for eternity.


Rick Michel has been working hard on a new project encompassing the life of Frank Sinatra in song, an ambitious and significant undertaking that is certain to interest anyone with a musical ear, so stay tuned to Rick’s site and make sure you are following him on Twitter and Facebook for all the news.


Take a few moments this day to enjoy these tunes while reflecting on Frank’s career. These, like so many of Sinatra’s songs, trumpet love, but the titles are poignant entries for this reflection.

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