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“Drinkin’ – Singin’ – Swingin’

This high-energy original production will make you feel like you’ve actually experienced the magical spontaneity that Sinatra, Davis and Martin brought to the stage every night. This show creates something that has never been seen before.

Impressions never impersonated, songs never sung and things you will say that’s what they would do now.

Ask yourself, “How would these Three Timeless Entertainers re-invent “COOL” today?

This light musical comedy tribute immediately transports audiences back to the days when great swaggering talent, song, dance and comedy ruled the stage. The time is right for the very best musical tribute and comical parody, celebrating the brilliance and charm of these Legendary Icons.

You’ll never be more excited about any show after you’ve seen
“DRINKIN’ – SINGIN’ – SWINGIN’ – Salute to Frank Sinatra – Sammy Davis Jr. – Dean Martin.”

It’s as timeless as a martini, a tuxedo or a diamond ring. No white tigers, no pyrotechnics, no triple jointed French Canadians – just raw talent and a camaraderie that gives the audience a sense that they have been given a rare opportunity to peek in on a great party.

So back relax, grab a cocktail and enjoy this show...