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Creepy Frank Sinatra?

I have written before about the song, “Somethin’ Stupid” that Ol’ Blue Eyes recorded with his daughter, Nancy – basically, it’s a love song that could have been a train wreck if anyone but Frank had chosen to sing it with their offspring.  Their version is sweet, honest, and emotive, which touched the public enough to bring it to the number one spot.

Song writing is important, but often, perhaps even more so back in the day, the lyrics on their own can make you wonder what the writer was thinking of when they penned them.  Irish writer Nuala O'Faolain admired Sinatra and said in an interview about listening to The Voice growing up, “We liked awful songs, songs like “Makin’ Whoopee” and, remember the song “I’m Walking Behind You?” [It is a] creepy kind of song about how he’s going to follow this lady around and if things go wrong, she’s only to look around and there he’ll be.”

Certain singers seem to be able to get away with singing questionable songs; remember Lionel Richie’s “Hello?”  It’s about a teacher who’s fallen in love with a blind student and follows her around.  Most artists couldn’t make something like that an acceptable love song, but sometimes words can be overlooked when the focus is placed upon the delivery instead of the literal message.

Of course there are plenty of stories about men trying to seduce women by playing Frank Sinatra on their turntables or car radio – setting the mood, is what it was called – and, by definition, there’s a certain level of creepiness involved, but let’s face it, Sinatra was so adored this move was entirely clichéd, and the ladies were likely amused by such antics.

Stalkers aren’t cool, but I guess if your stalker turns out to be Frank Sinatra, you’re having a good day.