Frank: A Musical Journey


Without a Song

When you have the Great American Songbook to pick from, selecting the numbers in a Las Vegas show can become a daunting task, but there is one song, the one in which I chose to open Frank… A Life in Song, that stands out from the rest for me.


Frank… A Life in Song is such a monumental production – everything crafted and sculpted to perfection and on a scale unlike anything available – that the play list, the underlying message delivered to the audience, becomes a personality all to itself and the opening number has to set the scene, engage the spectators, and make a statement. The only way to achieve all this is to have a genuine connection to the lyrics.


“Without a Song” completely moves me. In it I experience the greatest connection to The Voice himself because it encompasses so much of Sinatra in its lines. It is permeated with somber moments in life, of which Frank had plenty, while invoking hope – not an easy feat to achieve and this is what envelops the entire show.


Frank’s life is a perfect representation of any person’s life, only amplified to a spectacular level, which makes everyone take notice.


One of the favorite parts of doing my shows is having people approach me after the event, letting me know that some part of my performance moved them and brought some memorable, enjoyable moment from the past into the present. That is the power of music and that is why I am profoundly excited about Frank… A Life in Song – because I know the listeners are going to have plenty of stories to tell me.