Frank: A Musical Journey


Sinatra in the News

So, has anyone seen any references to Frank Sinatra lately? I guess the more appropriate question would be, Has anyone NOT seen references to The Chairman of the Board in pop culture news? It seems that I could easily do a monthly blog post summarizing headline stories about or making reference to Frank in some way.

 For instance, there’s a recent article that states that an analysis of Wikipedia articles using Google algorithms concludes that Frank Sinatra is the most important person on the site’s English-language section. That may surprise a lot of people, but not me because knowledge of The Voice and how he thrived and influenced everything from music, movies, television, business, and politics shows there’s logic to these claims.

 Then there’s novelist Sandra Howard who became friends with Frank in the ‘60s – she recently gave insight into a Sinatra philosophy on women, one of the most intriguing topics when it comes to Ol’ Blue Eye’s life, stating, “He divided women into the lady camp and the tramp camp. If you were in the lady camp, you were fine.” After reading this I had a little fun going through some of his relationships and trying to determine where each of them landed.

 Just a couple days ago a Rolling Stone article with some of the best stories from now legendary music-man, Quincy Jones told about one of Quincy’s big breaks – when Frank phoned him asking him if he’s like to do an album with Sinatra and Count Basie. Jones didn’t hesitate and said he and Frank never parted after that album. Quincy affirmed that it was The Voice that gave him his nickname, Q. Even Michael Jackson’s hit song, She’s Out of My Life was originally intended for Frank to sing. I remember an article some time ago in which Jones relayed something that touched me, ”Sinatra used to say this every night: 'Q, live every day like it's your last, and one day you'll be right.’”

 If you’re around Las Vegas Saturday, drop by the M Resort and see my show, Sinatra Forever. You’ll be glad you did and I’ll be glad you made it!