Frank: A Musical Journey


Happy New Year Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Sun posted their rundown of the spectacular musical celebrations planned for my city to bring in 2014 and the headline brought a smile to my face as it featured today’s pop stars Pitbull, Rihanna, glam metal band Poison and, wait for it, Sinatra. This world-class city, about to deliver a world-class event to 300,000, still recognizes not only the importance The Voice (yes, Christina Aquilera was mentioned in the article too, but didn’t make the headline) has to the city, but also the fact that he remains as current today as the musicians topping Billboard’s charts.

 This is all wonderful news for me because it validates my decision to create the biggest, classiest Sinatra tribute yet, Frank… A Life in Song. And as I read references to Michael Buble, coming off another huge year as today’s top crooner, as being “no longer the poor man’s Frank Sinatra,” it only confirms that Frank’s presence will continue to escalate in the media as we near his 100th birthday in 2015.

 In a list of ten essential New Year’s Eve songs, Virgin Media listed his New York, New York as a standard so integral to the evening’s festivities that its omission would upset partiers.

 Earlier this month I posted a photo to my Facebook page with Frank’s musical conductor, Vincent Falcone and was pleased to see a reference to him on Christmas day in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which had him retelling a story about a show at the Sands. As the show ended, Sinatra noticed a distraught older lady and approached to find out what the problem was. Her husband had been removed due to a case of mistaken identity, so the singer had the couple reunited and picked up the tab for their vacation.

 Las Vegas will always want some association with The Chairman of the Board and due to memories of deeds such as these, the entire world will forever have a bond. Vegas is my kind of town and Sinatra is my kind of entertainer.