Frank: A Musical Journey


Frank’s Ladies Talk

During his lifetime Frank Sinatra was rumored to have a way with the ladies, and with hindsight as it is, we now know that rumor was reality.  When he was only 23 he was arrested for seduction, he was married four times and had a long list of lovers, including some extremely prominent names.  Yet, when Frank’s ladies speak about him, it’s generally praise he receives.  Need some examples?  Let’s look at a few!

His wife Barbara, seemingly the women that was best able to handle him, spoke about Ol’ Blue Eyes before they were married, saying, “he was flirting with every female, but so discreetly that only the women noticed.”  Despite anything that happened after they were married, she seemed to have the right formula to deal with it and him.

The brilliant Kim Novak has stated that Frank was her “first date in Hollywood.”  “He was just an awesome individual,” she’s commented.  When Angie Dickinson was asked what she wanted people to remember about Sinatra, she replied, “That he was not a regular guy,” adding that he was “the most excited guy I’d ever been with or near.”

Someone Frank never seemed to stop missing was Ava Garner, who said, “Frank Sinatra could be the sweetest, most charming man in the world when he was in the mood.”  And when Mia Farrow was asked if Frank was “the great love of her life,” she replied, “Yes.”

The Voice certainly wasn’t as perfect in relationships as he was behind a microphone, but the women that were in his life still had strong feelings about him.  Can Frank be blamed for loving too much and too deeply?  I don’t know.  But no matter what happened, time seems to have blurred the pain for many of those women, revealing what was underneath all along - love.