Frank: A Musical Journey


Footsteps of Sinatra - Chicago Edition

Ol’ Blue Eyes is said to have performed Chicago more than any other city and since a man needs to eat - and drink - it’s time to prepare your taste buds for a celebratory trip like no other.  Let’s start with the obvious: My Kind of Town was a staple for Frank and, although the lyrics evolved somewhat, he’d sing, “Chicago is the jumping’ Pump Room,” referencing the Pump Room restaurant.  The venue has a storied past even beyond Sinatra, inspiring Phil Collins’ 1985 album No Jacket Required, being seen in Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, sung about in Chicago (That Toddling’ Town), and in the introduction to the Monkees song, Don’t Call on Me.

You can toddle on over to the Twin Anchors Restaurant and Tavern to visit another of The Voice’s regular stops, where he’d place a body guard by the pay phones to ensure nobody could send out notifications about his presence - oh, the days before cell phones - and the joint would close to new customers while Frank generously entertained.

Other highly notable establishments include Miller’s Pub, where you can find The Chairman of the Board’s autographed photo on the wall; the Green Mill cocktail lounge, which inspired Sinatra’s role in the movie, The Joker is Wild; you can have Frank’s favorite table pointed out to you at the original Rosebud; Gibson’s Bar and Steakhouse, and Gene and Georgette Restaurant were two other spots he’d enjoy a meal too.

Book a visit to Chicago to enjoy the food Frank feasted upon and, if you act quickly, you can head over to the Wolf Lake Pavilion for my showing of Sinatra Forever with a 24-piece orchestra July 18th, 2016!