Frank: A Musical Journey


Earlier this week our fifteen-year-old pup, Angel, was diagnosed with a mass on her spleen and if you’ve ever had a beloved pet of your own, I don’t need to tell you that made us nervous. She is going back for another sonogram to see if the mass has gotten at least 20% larger in order to determine whether we need to address taking out her spleen all together. Thankfully Angel is doing great and is back home enjoying her favorite toys, but it did get me thinking about the similarities apparent in my love of animals and the same fondness Frank Sinatra showed for all creatures great and small throughout his life. (...)
When Frank Sinatra was once on the Tonight Show, Johnny Carson joked asking him, “When you’re in a romantic mood and you’re trying to make out, whose records do you put on?” Of course Johnny was referring to how Ol’ Blue Eyes’ voice could make a lady swoon, but it begs the question, What music did Frank Sinatra listen to? (...)