Frank: A Musical Journey


When you’re talking about someone, “idol” is a strong word to use. Saying, “I liked him,” “I looked up to him,” or even, “he was my favorite,” is a great compliment, but when a person says, Frank Sinatra “was my idol,” that’s significant. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some pretty famous individuals who have said just that. (...)
Movie soundtracks seem almost as important as the movies themselves in some cases and there’s no denying how critical the selected music is both to set mood and as a revenue stream. The relevance of Frank Sinatra’s music is evident as he continues to set the scene in big box-office blockbusters today. (...)
Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday year celebrations are continuing in full swing, as are my performances to honor The Chairman of the Board, and September 17th and 18th are very special dates because it will be the return of my Las Vegas show, Sinatra Forever, to the very place of its birth – Costa Rica. (...)
It was fifty years ago this past June that one of the best concerts in history took place and it was in St. Louis, Missouri. The event featured the Rat Pack at its most powerful, but it wasn’t just their presence that made the show so special, but everything that surrounded that 1965 summer’s eve, which happened to be Father’s Day and Tina Sinatra’s birthday too. (...)