Frank: A Musical Journey


Like so many, I’m always celebrating Frank Sinatra, but this year the whole world is honoring Ol’ Blue Eyes as the 100th birthday celebrations continue. In fact, as Frank’s actual birth date approaches, the festivities are becoming even more frequent and grander. First, I’ll share a few recent announcements sure to blow your socks off, and then I’ll tell you where I’ll be on that big day. (...)
It seems every generation witnesses it, screaming fans jumping up and down in a frenzy at the mere sight of their favorite singer, grabbing at them and offering them love notes or other objects of affection, some even fainting after being overcome with the overwhelming joy of the moment. Each decade or so there’s that one individual that rises above the rest in popularity to become the very definition of the word “idol.” What makes teens do this? (...)
I’m on the road again, getting ready to take the stage in Orlando, Florida for a performance of Sinatra Forever, my Las Vegas show that’s been receiving rave reviews all year as we continue to celebrate 100 years of Sinatra. Right after this show, I have to reluctantly leave “The City Beautiful” and head to another historic entertainment gem, “Music City.” (...)
There are many reasons for burying a memento with someone after they pass: they may have requested it; it could be something innately connected with them; it could even be for superstitious or religious reasons. Each reason is unique and personal. Here are a few Rat Packers and the items that went to the great beyond with them. (...)