Frank: A Musical Journey


With all of the accolades Frank Sinatra received: top notch singer; Academy Award winning actor; civil rights leader; painter; etc. his business and media savvy was often overlooked. (...)
Tribute albums are a unique musical entity that, like any other genre, can range in scope from nothing better than a karaoke version of a particular artist’s songs to stirring, inventive renditions of one artist’s vision of anothers work that is really only limited by the imagination of the person delivering the tribute. (...)
Is there ever a real vacation when you’re in the entertainment biz? Maui, here we come, but I know it won’t be all play and no work for this entertainer. I’m going to be shmoozing and selling my latest Las Vegas show, Frank … A Musical Journey because I can’t spend all my time enjoying the beautiful Kaanapali Beach. (...)