Frank: A Musical Journey


Frank Sinatra was “The Chairman of the Board,” Elvis was “The King,” Prince was “The Artist,” David Bowie was “The Thin White Duke,” and James Brown was “The Godfather of Soul.” Iconic musicians get the best nicknames, often pertaining to royalty or authority to denote their place at the top. James Brown and Sinatra may not be two people you think of in the same breath, but there were similarities that become apparent with a little reflection. (...)
Frank Sinatra was an intense man. He seemed to feel everything deeply and this came out in everything he did – music, acting, and the relationships with everyone around him. Vocally he could deliver the emotions of the song better than anyone and in the movies he was able to get inside the head of the character he was portraying. This passion was obvious in the real world too, often resulting in reports of his fiery temper or his tumultuous love life. Conversely, he loved to laugh and practical jokes became a way to spill some of those everyday tensions. (...)
I look forward to every performance and my May 14th, 2016 presentation of Sinatra Forever at the H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center is no different – in fact, with the date falling on the anniversary of a major event, there’s bound to be a special energy in the air that will make this show memorable. (...)