Frank: A Musical Journey


I could tell you that Frank Sinatra’s first studio album was “The Voice of Frank Sinatra,” his film debut was in “Higher and Higher,” his first singing group was the Hoboken Four, his first wife was Nancy Barbato, and his first born was Nancy Sinatra, but everyone knows all this. Right? How about a few significant “firsts” that may not be on the tip of everyone’s tongue and you can decide if they should be or not. (...)
I was watching Modern Family the other night, laughing my butt off as usual, and I realized that for some reason the actor Ed O’Neill cracks me up. Why am I bringing this up? Well, I’ve noticed a few Sinatra connections that I’d like to share. (...)
The Mile Square City is a marvelous blue-collar happening place with the best views of New York City anywhere and a fantastic spot to visit, especially for any fan of The Voice. In my guide to Sinatra’s New York, I mentioned how much I love to visit his old haunts when I travel and they literally don’t get any older than Hoboken. (...)
It was sad, in a nostalgic sort of way, to see another Las Vegas Strip icon close its doors for good this week after 60 years of being one of the city’s historic jewels – the Riviera Hotel and Casino. (...)