Frank: A Musical Journey


The most exciting thing about Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday year, besides all the deserved recognition and attention from baby boomers to millennials, is the new information that is rising to the top of the entertainment news stories for everyone to see. One of my favorites involves how the Chairman of the Board was a part of establishing one of the most iconic movie characters of all-time and Clint Eastwood’s most memorable role – “Dirty Harry.” (...)
Clowns are an intriguing part of the entertainment industry to say the least. There really doesn’t seem to be anything quite as polarizing – people either absolutely love them or hate/fear them with equal vigor – and my knowledge of this, combined with my own experiences as an entertainer, give me a huge appreciation for their craft. (...)
It’s March and the celebrations and commemorations for Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday are accelerating toward a full, swinging party that may never stop and I am happy to be busy doing the same with my own Las Vegas shows that pay tribute to the man known simply as, “The Voice.” (...)