Frank: A Musical Journey


Frank Sinatra took being a cultural icon to a new level. He wasn’t the first idol, the Romantic poets of the 18th century lived for that “rock star” status, but he took it to a whole other level with the throngs of screaming girls – referred to as bobbysoxers – that would foreshadow the coming of the Beatles, the Michael Jacksons, and then the Justin Biebers that record executives try to assemble today. (...)
When you have as much experience as I do – I’m hoping they just don’t mean I’m old – it’s natural to get asked for show business advice. And I really do love to be able to give out entertainment tips to hard-working and talented up-and-comers because I wish there was someone I had access to when I was starting out. That kind of information is invaluable. (...)
A celebrity’s endorsement of a product provides unparalleled exposure to the public and that’s why companies pay big bucks to have stars say they support their products. What’s even more valuable is having some big name tout a brand without having solicited their backing. That’s what Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey received from Frank Sinatra. (...)
“Cool” is rarely a descriptive term someone is unhappy about being labelled with. In fact, for many, it’s something for which to strive. Seemingly, and I would love to know if you agree with this, those best at attaining a state of “coolness” seem to be those who put the least amount of effort in its acquisition. (...)