Frank: A Musical Journey


Fresh off a fantastic show in Maryland, I’m heading to Hammond, Indiana, a part of metropolitan Chicago; it’s the city that greets you as you enter the Hoosier State. We’re ready for another performance of Drinkin’ – Singin’ – Swingin’ and I know this will be a special crowd. Whether you’re talking Chicago, Hammond, or simply Indiana, Frank Sinatra had special connections to this neck of the woods. (...)
I’m excited for the weekend! Saturday, June 13th, 2015 I’ll be zipping down to the Sandia Resort and Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico to perform my Las Vegas show, Sinatra Forever, which will be a real gas because I love Albuquerque, they have some great Sinatra fans. The show has been receiving some great comments and reviews – which is something every performer revels in – and I can feel the excitement growing as the 100th birthday celebration for Frank continues. (...)
A crooner is usually a male singer performing his craft with emphasis on emotion and sentimentality, a style made possible with the advent of the microphone since the soft vocalizations wouldn’t have reached a large audience without this innovation. A swooner uses this style to make the ladies react. Frank Sinatra is often labelled as both, but The Voice himself didn’t appear to agree. (...)