Frank: A Musical Journey


Just an hour from Palm Springs – in fact if you were to extend Frank Sinatra Drive straight into the San Jacinto Mountains you would just about hit the community – lies Idyllwild, California and this is where I’m going to be performing Sinatra Forever, for the Idyllwild Summer Concert Series. (...)
I love Montreal! It’s like a little trip to Paris without the jet lag or waiters turning their noses at you because your French isn’t quite up to snuff. Historic elegance abounds and I’ll be immersed in it as I’m returning to Montreal’s Rialto Theatre to treat the city to another performance of my Las Vegas show, Sinatra Forever, on June 21, 2014. (...)
Last week’s blog post reviewing Frank Sinatra’s official CD, ’57 in Concert started me thinking about other live compositions and the number of bootleg albums that are swimming around on shelves and cyberspace, just begging to be listened to, so I’m going to let you know about one that was recorded almost 56 years ago to the date – The Sporting Club: Monte Carlo, Monaco, June 14, 1958. (...)
Toes tapping, people dancing and swingers swaying in the Westin Seattle’s hotel lobby as I belt out one Sinatra hit after another, teasing those there for the League of American Orchestras 2014 Conference with what could be if Frank … A Musical Journey was performed with their musicians. (...)