Frank: A Musical Journey


Are you one of those people that prefers popping a vinyl record on a turntable and sitting back to enjoy the sounds of Ol’ Blue Eyes or Dino over the convenience of a CD or even streaming the music over the Internet? You’re not alone. And it’s not an age thing either; in fact, millennials have embraced vinyl as an art form, something pure and unmolested that can be savored like that aged whiskey that should always accompany a Sinatra album. (...)
With a few shows under our belts, everyone involved with the Sammy’s Showroom 50th Anniversary Celebration is getting more comfortable with each other, which means even more fun and natural clowning around. As our chemistry continues to click, I become even more aware of the ease the Rat Pack had on stage because they were such good friends and that camaraderie is most apparent with the comedy they delivered with such ease. They all had an innate gift for joviality and, if you look closely, you can even find evidence of Frank Sinatra’s penchant for fun in some of his songs. (...)
My run at Sammy’s Showroom, Harrah’s Reno has barely begun, but I’ve already noticed that there’s definitely a special atmosphere working this stage immersed in all the history amassed during the 50 years we’re celebrating. Sammy’s story is legendary and he worked incredibly hard to make it in show business, but it took a team to accomplish as much as the Rat Pack did, not only here in Nevada, but globally too. This famed group with a somewhat motley reputation broke down doors to make America a better place for everyone, no matter what their skin color, religion, or anything else. (...)
Frank Sinatra was the first pop music icon - he essentially invented those over-the-top displays of teen angst we are now so familiar with as manic kids scream and swoon over their favorite music idols. The Beatles came along in the 1960's and took the world by storm, creating their own version of pandemonium among a new generation of teenagers, following in the footsteps of Frank and, after him, Elvis. With the longevity of The Voice’s career, the two superstar entities were bound to cross paths, so how did they get along? (...)