Frank: A Musical Journey


Frank Sinatra is as American as apple pie and baseball and he’s got the ball card to prove it – in 2011 Topps issued a card in his honor for their American Pie card set. Ol’ Blue Eyes embodies all that is wonderful about America, rising from virtually nothing to become, perhaps, the greatest pop legend of all time. He was proud of his country and spent a great deal of time, money and effort making it a better place. (...)
I love comedy. It captured me hook, line, and sinker from a very young age, as the photo of me doing an impression of Stan Laurel when I was a mere seven years old can attest. The ability to make someone laugh and make a statement while doing it is a truly unique gift that I believe is important to the mental health of our society, which is why I appreciate comics of all genres. (...)
Performing my Las Vegas show, Sinatra Forever is a blast, but it’s after the curtain drops on a showing of Drinkin’ – Singin’ – Swingin’ that I realize how much the camaraderie experienced with my co-stars really adds a whole new, otherwise unobtainable dimension to a performance. It was following this revelation that it occurred to me that it would have been much the same dynamic Frank, Dean, and Sammy would have experienced. (...)