Frank: A Musical Journey


“Regrets, I’ve had a few,” that iconic line from Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” automatically sets the mood for reflection, a practice we partake of as the clock winds down on another year. While I ponder personal misgivings (my furry Bullwinkle hat comes to mind!), I can’t help but wonder what “The Chairman of the Board” himself may have considered a regret. (...)
You can’t seem to escape Christmas music. Whether you’re shopping, watching TV or visiting family, this is the time of year you’re likely to hear more than your fair share of holiday flavored tunes – like it or not. Of course, the music industry knows this, so most successful musicians will release a holiday album for their fans and Frank Sinatra was no exception. In fact, his third studio album was “Christmas Songs by Sinatra,” and when you have a voice like “The Voice,” why wouldn’t you treat your listeners at this magical time of year? (...)
Producers knew the importance of music to a motion picture even before there were talkies. Music sets the mood and creates drama – excitement, sadness, humor, and fear are all themes and emotions that can be brought to life and punctuated with a timely tune. How many times have you been moved by a particular scene without consciously realizing the music that was playing? It’s no accident that so many films add a little of (okay, a lot of) “The Voice” to their scores. Here are three such movies that have stood out for me. (...)